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Portraits (5 files)

Portraits taken both at public events and in contract sessions. Most use natural light and are available on a Royalty Free license.
 Jo, mother and grandmother 
 Keywords: Portrait, elderly woman, silver hair, full face
Jenny 4 pp 
 Jenny, full face portrait 
 Keywords: ait, young woman, full face, dark hair
Jim and Lara pp 
 Jim and Lara, young couple, full face 
 Keywords: portrait, young couple, full face,
Lara 2 b pp 
 Lara, full face portrait 
 Keywords: portrait, young woman, full face, dark hair
Lara and Jenny pp 
 Sisters Lara and Jenny 
 Keywords: portraits, sisters, full face, young women

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  Photographer, Diesse, Canton Berne, Switzerland